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    Boles-Ash Distinguished         (with Research Students

         Professor of Biology              at Lab Croquet Party)

        Ph.D. 1987, U. Michigan                                  [More lab photos]

Research:            Heideman Research

Develop and test approaches to help students master more efficient ways of learning: learning that might gain better results with less time.  Some key phrases: Drawing to Learn, Learning with Movement and Gestures, Improving Oral Communication Skills.  Past research on genetic variation in Neuroendocrine Pathways in natural poplations, especially those involving reproduction, appetite, and body weight.  Some key phrases: Reproductive hormones GnRH, LH, Testosterone & Estrogen, life history strategies, life history evolution, heritability of neuroendocrine traits, feeding behavior, genetic variation.  [Much more on Research Here]

Teaching:            Heideman Teaching

(1) My learning tools site: "Seven (well, Eight) Rules for Learning"
                                       [Click Here for the Learning Tools Site]

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t photo

The Photos
(Left) A white-footed mouse, Peromyscus leucopus, our wild mouse model for studying genetic variation in brain structure and function (photo by Bryon Clark).
(Right) A lab rat from the inbred F344 strain, with a genetic background for seasonal responses to short photoperiod; one of a number of strains that differ genetically for this trait

Publications  (68 research and review papers, 1981-2017):


Invited and Contributed Presentations

·  More than 70 presentations since 1994. 

Current Grants:

  • National Science Foundation.  "Recruitment, Preparation, and Retention of Math and Science Teachers:  Noyce Scholars III Program at the College of William and Mary," ($1,199,858) 2018-2024  (Principal Investigator, with four Co-PI’s: Meredith Kier, Marguerite Mason, & Melody Porter)))

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