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    Boles-Ash Distinguished         (with Research Students

         Professor of Biology              at Lab Croquet Party)

        Ph.D. 1987, U. Michigan                                  [More lab photos]

Research:            Heideman Research

Genetic variation in Neuroendocrine Pathways in natural poplations, especially those involving reproduction, appetite, and body weight.  Some key phrases: Reproductive hormones GnRH, LH, Testosterone & Estrogen, life history strategies, life history evolution, heritability of neuroendocrine traits, feeding behavior, genetic variation.  [Much more on Research Here]

Teaching:            Heideman Teaching

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at photo

The Photos
(Left) A white-footed mouse, Peromyscus leucopus, our wild mouse model for studying genetic variation in brain structure and function (photo by Bryon Clark).
(Right) A lab rat from the inbred F344 strain, with a genetic background for seasonal responses to short photoperiod; one of a number of strains that differ genetically for this trait

Publications  (68 research and review papers, 1981-2017):


Invited and Contributed Presentations

·  More than 70 presentations since 1994. 

Current Grants:

  • National Science Foundation.  "Recruitment, Preparation, and Retention of Math and Science Teachers:  Noyce Scholars II Program at the College of William and Mary," ($799,983 and supplement of $159,840) 2014-2018  (Principal Investigator, with four Co-PI’s: Meredith Kier, Marguerite Mason, Heather Macdonald, & Drew Stelljes))

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