Seven* Eight Rules for Learning

Welcome to my student learning website.
This site was originally set up for students in my freshman and sophomore biology classes, and it includes a subset of materials that some past students felt was useful to understand or change their own learning.  I've written the materials in ways that I hope will be useful to others as well.  Questions or comments are welcome  -->

Paul Heideman, College of William and Mary

Eight rules* for learning that I emphasize for students:

             1.  The Rule of Understanding.  --- Rule 1 --->
             2.  The Rule of Importance.   --- Rule 2 --->
             3.  The Rule of Simplification   --- Rule 3 --->
             4.  The Rule of Memorization.   --- Rule 4 --->
             5.  The Rule of Practice.   --- Rule 5 --->
             6.  The Rule of Transfer.  --- Rule 6 --->
             7.  The Rule of Sleep.  --- Rule 7 --->
             8.  The Rule of Skill.   --- Rule 8 --->

     * There used to be just seven.

Learning Tools

These learning tools combine recent findings on the neurobiology of learning and memory with information on how experts think. 

Will they help YOU?  I don't know.  Many students claim that these tools made them better learners, with higher grades or less time studying.  All of them said that these took time to learn, and they needed lots of practice.

Last updated  9/01/2012
College of William and Mary, Department of Biology