Photos .... (a fairly random selection--I don't have photos from most lab events!)

Croquet Party near the Sundial June 2012 (We each have a "Pound Plus" bar of chocolate)
    Summer 2012 most of the lab (with PDH but not Fine [Hwa]) near the Sundial with chocolate
    Summer 2012 most of the lab (with Fine [Hwa] but not PDH) near the Sundial with chocolate

We'll miss you, Lydia!  Enjoy Boston.
    Lydia and her labmates

Croquet Party Nov 2011 at my house (PDH)
    November 2011 (Lani, Katie, Donna, Prof. H, Leah, Angela, Meha)

Croquet Parties 2011 at my house (PDH)
    Katie in a sandtrap
    Jordan in the York River
    Croquet with the tide coming in
    Croquet on a sloping beach is a dumb game
    Fresh (REALLY FRESH) Oysters 1
    Fresh Oysters 2 (shucking)
    Fresh Oysters 3 (eating)
    Fresh Oysters 4 (reactions)
    Fresh Oysters 5 (more reactions)
    Fresh Oysters 6 (and reactions)
    Fresh Oysters 7 (done)
    Croquet on the beach with oysters on rocks in the background

Croquet Party 2010 at my house (PDH)
    Croquet with everyone on the beach
    Croquet in the stream
    Croquet in the stream 2
    Croquet roquet
    Croquet too
    Croquet straight shot

Croquet Party 2008 at my house (PDH)
    Croquet from the pond
    Croquet from the rough

Croquet Party 2003 at my old house (PDH)
     Croquet in 2003