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Publications since 1990: (*William & Mary Undergraduate;,+ William& Mary Masters Student*VSUVirginia State University Undergraduate)    

  • (68) van der Veen, Daan R., Riede, Sjaak J., Heideman, Paul D., Hau, Michaela, van der Vinne, Vincent, and Hut, Roelof A.  (In Press).  Flexible Clock Systems: Adjusting the Temporal Program. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences.  (Accepted)
  • (67) Heideman, Paul D., Adryan Flores*, Lu Sevier*, and Kelsey Trouton*.  2017. Effectiveness and Adoption of a Drawing-to-Learn Study Tool for Recall and Problem Solving: Minute Sketches with Folded Lists.  CBE Life Sciences Education:16:ar28 doi:10.1187/cbe.16-03-0116
  • (66) Kaugars, Katherine E.*, Charlotte I. Rivers*, Margaret S. Saha, Paul D. Heideman. 2016.  Genetic variation in total number and locations of GnRH neurons identified using in situ hybridization in a wild-source population. Journal of Experimental Zoology 325A:106-115 (KEK and CIR contributed equally to this research; order of first authorship was determined by coin flip)
  • (65) Stevenson TJ, Visser ME, Arnold W, Barrett P, Biello S, Dawson A, Denlinger DL, Dominoni D, Ebling FJ, Elton S, Evans N, Ferguson H, Foster RG, Hau M, Haydon DT, Hazlerigg DG, Heideman Paul D., Hopcraft JGC, Jonsson NN, Kronfeld-Schor N, Kumar V, Lincoln GA, MacLeod R, Martin S, Martinez-Bakker, M, Nelson RJ, Reed T, Robinson JE, Rock D, Schwartz WJ, Steffan-Dewenter I, Tauber E, Thackeray SJ, Umstatter C, Yoshimura T, Helm B. 2015. Disrupted seasonal biology impacts health, food security, and ecosystems.  Proceedings of the Royal Society B 282: 20151453.
  • (64) Heideman, Paul D.  2014.  Circannual clocks in tropical bats and heritable variation in seasonal reproductive timing in temperate zone mice.  In Annual, Lunar, and Tidal Clocks: Patterns and Mechanisms of Nature’s Enigmatic Rhythms.  (Ch 15; pgs 309-331)  (Eds. Hideharu Numata and Barbara Helm)  Springer: Japan.  360 p.
  • (63) Kaseloo, Paul A., Madelyn G. Crowell*VSU, and Paul D. Heideman.  2014.  Heritable variation in reaction norms of metabolism and activity across temperatures in a wild-derived population of white-footed mice (Peromyscus leucopus).  Journal of Comparative Physiology – B.  184:525-534
  • (62) Kaseloo, Paul A., Madelyn G. Crowell*VSU, Jazmin J. Jones*VSU, Heideman, Paul D..  2012. Variation in metabolic rate and activity in relation to reproductive condition and photoperiod in white-footed mice (Peromyscus leucopus).  Canadian Journal of Zoology 90(5):602-615.
  • (61) Heideman, Paul D., Julian T. Pittman, *Kristin A. Schubert, *Christen A. DuBois, *Jennifer Bowles, *Sean M. Lowe, and *Matthew R. Price.  2010. Variation in levels of luteinizing hormone and reproductive photoresponsiveness in a population of white-footed mice (Peromyscus leucopus).  American Journal of Physiology: Integrative, Regulatory, and Comparative Physiology. 298:R15436-1548.  Link to copy of paper.
  • (60) Heideman, Paul D., and Julian T. Pittman.  2009. Microevolution of neuroendocrine mechanisms regulating reproductive timing in Peromyscus leucopus.  Integrative and Comparative Biology 49:550-562.  Link to abstract and text of paper.  
  • (59) Ross, A.W.Cynthia E. Johnson*, L. M. Bell, L. Reilly, J. S. Duncan, P. Barret, Paul D. Heideman, and Peter J. Morgan.  2009.  Divergent regulation of hypothalamic neuropeptide Y and agouti-related protein by photoperiod in F344 rats with differential food intake and growth.  Journal of Neuroendocrinology 21:610-619.  Link to abstract and text of paper
  • (58) Broussard, David R., Jessica L. Robertson*, Tracy J. Evans II*, Gregory K. Faucher*, Michael G. Semanik*, Paul D. Heideman.  2009. Age-related decline in reproductive sensitivity to inhibition by short photoperiod in Peromyscus leucopus.  Journal of Mammalogy 90: 32-39.  Link to abstract and text of paper
  • (57) Seroka, Cheryl D.*, Cynthia E. Johnson*, and Paul D. Heideman.  2008. Variation in nocturnality and circadian activity rhythms between photoresponsive F344 and nonphotoresponsive Sprague Dawley rats. Journal of Circadian Rhythms 6:8 (9 pgs). Link to text of paper
  • (56) Heideman, Paul D., David R. Broussard, Jessica Tate*, Mauricio Avigdor+.  2007.  Number of immunoreactive GnRH neurons is heritable in a wild-derived population of white-footed mice (Peromyscus leucopus). Physiological and Biochemical Zoology 80:534-541. (Free copy of paper)
  • (55) Reilly, Sarah J.*, Robert Oum*, and Paul D. Heideman. 2006.  Phenotypic plasticity of reproduction in response to timed food access and photoperiod in artificially selected white-footed mice (Peromyscus leucopus). Oecologia 150:373-382. (Link to pdf copy of paper)
  • (54) Fetsch, Christopher R.+, Paul D. Heideman, and John D. Griffin. 2006.  Effects of melatonin on thermally classified anterior hypothalamic neurons in the white-footed mouse (Peromyscus leucopus). Journal of Thermal Biology 31:40-49.  (Link to copy of paper)
  • (53) Matthew R. Price*, Julie A. M. Kruse+, M. Eric Galvez*, Annaka M. Lorincz*, Mauricio Avigdor+ and Paul D. Heideman. 2005.  Failure to Respond to Endogenous or Exogenous Melatonin May Cause Nonphotoresponsiveness in Harlan Sprague Dawley Rats.  Journal of Circadian Rhythms 3:12(1-8) (Link to free copy of Paper)
  • (52) Smale, Laura, Jeffrey A. French, and Paul D. Heideman.  2005.  Behavioral neuroendocrinology in nontraditional species of mammals: Things the 'knockout' mouse CAN'T tell us.  Hormones and Behavior 48:474-483. (pdf copy of paper)
  • (51) Heideman, Paul D. Michelle Rightler+, Kathleen Sharp+.  2005. A potential microevolutionary life-history trade-off in white-footed mice (Peromyscus leucopus).  Functional Ecology 19:331-336. (Link to free copy of paper)
  • (50) Avigdor, Mauricio+, Shannon D. Sullivan*, and Paul D. Heideman. 2005.  A response to selection for photoperiod responsiveness on the density and location of mature GnRH-releasing neurons.  American Journal of Physiology, Integrative, Regulatory, and Comparative Physiology. 288:R1226-1236. (Link to free copy of paper)
  • (49) Francisco, Nicole R.*, Christen M. Raymond* and Paul D. Heideman. 2004. Short Photoperiod Inhibition of Growth in Body Mass and Reproduction in ACI, BUF, and PVG Inbred Rats.  Reproduction 128:857-862. (Link to free copy of paper)  (pdf copy of paper [not in journal format]).
  • (48)  Heideman, Paul D. 2004.  Top down approaches to the study of natural variation in complex physiological pathways using the white-footed mouse (Peromyscus leucopus) as a model.  ILAR Journal 45:4-13. (Link to free copy of paper)
  • (47)  Heideman, Paul D., and RuthC. B. Utzurrum. 2003. Seasonality and synchrony of reproduction in three species of nectarivorous Philippines bats.  BMC Ecology 3(1):11  (Link to free copy of paper)
  • (46) DeCoursey, Patricia J. (author) and contributors Paul Heideman, Teresa Horton, Theresa Lee, Stephan Reebs, and Laura Smale. 2003.  The behavioral ecology and evolution of biological timing systems.  Chapter 2 in: Chronobiology: Biological Timekeeping.  (Dunlop, JC., J.J. Loros, and P. J. DeCoursey, Editors.)
  • (46) Shoemaker, M. Benjamin*, and Paul D. Heideman. 2002. Reduced body mass, food intake, and testis size in response to short photoperiod in adult F344 rats. BMC Physiology 2002 2:11 (10 pages)  (Link to free copy of paper) 
  • (44Lorincz, Annaka M.*, M. Benjamin Shoemaker*,and Paul D. Heideman.  2001. Genetic variation in photoperiodism among naturally photoperiodic rat strains. American Journal of Physiology: Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology. 281:R1817-R1824.  (Link to free copy of paper)
  • (43)  Heideman, Paul D., Cynthia K. Bierl*, and C. John Sylvester+. 2001.  Photoresponsive Fischer 344 rats are reproductively inhibited by melatonin and differ in 2-[125I] iodomelatonin binding from nonphotoresponsive Sprague Dawley rats. Journal of Neuroendocrinology.13:223-232  (Link to free copy of paper) 
  • (42Majoy,Sean B.+, and Paul D. Heideman. 2000  Tau differences between short-day responsive and short-day nonresponsive white footed mice (Peromyscus leucopus) do not affect reproductive photoresponsiveness. Journal of Biological Rhythms. 15:501-513. (pdf copy of paper)
  • (41) Heideman, Paul D., Cynthia K. Bierl*, and M. Eric Galvez*. 2000. Inhibition of reproductive maturation and somatic growth of Fischer 344 rats by photoperiods shorter than L14:D10 and by gradually decreasing photoperiod.  Biology of Reproduction 63:1535-1540 (Link to paper)
  • (40) Heideman, P. D. 2000. Environmental regulation of reproduction.  Pgs 469-499 in The Reproductive Biology of Bats.  (E. G. Crichton and P. Krutsch, Eds.)  AcademicPress. (pdf copy of paper)
  • (39) Heideman, Paul D., Todd A. Bruno*, Jeff W. Singley* and Jeremy V. Smedley*.  (1999).  Genetic variation in photoperiodism in Peromyscus leucopus: Geographic variation in an alternative life-history strategy.  Journal of Mammalogy 80:1232-1242. (pdf copy of paper)
  • (38) Heideman, Paul D., Stephanie L. Kane*,  and Andrea L. Goodnight*. 1999.  Differences in hypothalamic 2-[125I] iodomelatonin binding in photoresponsive and non-photoresponsive white-footed mice, Peromyscus leucopus.  Brain Research 840:56-64. (pdf copy of paper)
  • (37) Heideman, Paul D., Richard W. Deibler * and Lisa M. York *. 1998.  Food and Neonatal Androgen Interact with Photoperiod to Inhibit Reproductive Maturation in Fischer 344 Rats".  Biology of Reproduction 59:358-363. (Link to paper)
  • (36) Chae, Haejin Erin +, and Paul D. Heideman. 1998.  Water-deprived white-footed mice express c-fos on a day/night cycle graded according to the duration of deprivation.  Brain Research 791:1-10. (pdf copy of paper)
  • (35) Heideman, Paul D., and Kendall S. Powell *. 1998.  Age-specific reproductive strategies and delayed embryonic development in an Old World fruit bat, Ptenochirus jagori (Megachiroptera). Journal of Mammalogy 79:295-311.  (Bothauthors contributed equally to this work; order of authorship was determinedby coin flip.)  (pdf copy of paper)
  • (34) Heideman, Paul D., and C. John Sylvester +.  1997.  Reproductive photoresponsiveness in unmanipulated male Fischer 344 laboratory rats.  Biology of Reproduction 57:134-138. (pdf copy of paper)
  • (33) Heideman, P. D., K. P. Bhatnagar,F. K. Hilton, and F. H. Bronson.  1996. Melatonin rhythms and pineal structure in a tropical bat, Anoura geoffroyi, that does not use photoperiod to regulate seasonal reproduction.  Journal of Pineal Research 20:90-97. (pdf copy of paper)
  • (32) Heideman, P. D.  1995. Synchrony and seasonality of reproduction in tropical bats. pp 151 - 165 in Symposium of the Zoological Society of London No.67: Ecology, Evolution,and Behaviour of Bats.  (P.A. Racey and S. Swift, Eds.)  Oxford University Press.  (pdf file of paper)
  • (31) Pierson, T., and P. D. Heideman.1994.  Acceleration and deceleration of sexual maturation by social cues in a tropical rodent, Zygodontomys brevicauda. Journal of Reproductionand Fertility  102:459-462. 
  • (30) Heideman, P. D., and F. H. Bronson.1994. An endogenous circannual rhythm of reproduction in a tropical bat,Anoura geoffroyi, is not entrained by photoperiod.  Biology of Reproduction 50:607-614.  (pdf copy of paper)
  • (29) Bronson, F. H., and P. D. Heideman.1994. Seasonal regulation of reproduction in mammals.  in The Physiology of Reproduction, 2nd Edition, Volume 2, Pages 541-583 (E. Knobil and J. D. Neill, eds.). New York: Raven.
  • (28) Heideman, P. D., and F. H. Bronson.1993. Sensitivity of Syrian hamsters (Mesocricetus auratus) to amplitudes and rates of photoperiodic change typical of the tropics.  Journal of Biological Rhythms 8:325-337.
  • (27) Rickart, E. A., L. R. Heaney, P.D. Heideman, and R. C. B. Utzurrum. 1993. The distribution and ecology of mammals on Leyte, Biliran, and Maripipi Islands, Philippines. Fieldiana: Zoology, n.s., 72:1-62.
  • (26) Heideman, P. D., J. A. Cummings,and L. R. Heaney. 1993. Reproductive timing and early embryonic development in an Old World fruit bat, Otopteropus cartilagonodus (Megachiroptera). Journal of Mammalogy 74:621-630.  (pdf copy of paper) 
  • (25) Bronson, F. H., and P. D. Heideman.1993. Failure of cryptorchidism to suppress fertility in a tropical rodent. Biology of Reproduction 48:1354-1359.
  • (24) Heideman, P. D., and F. H. Bronson.1993. Potential and realized life-history characteristics in a tropical population of Peromyscus (Rodentia).  Journal of Mammalogy 74:261-269.  (pdf copy of paper)
  • (23) Heideman, P. D., P. Deoraj, and F.H. Bronson. 1992. Seasonal reproduction of a tropical bat, Anoura geoffroyi, in relation to photoperiod. Journal of Reproduction and Fertility 96:765-773.  (pdf copy of paper)
  • (22) Heideman, P. D., and F. H. Bronson.1992. A pseudo-seasonal reproductive strategy in a tropical rodent, Peromyscus nudipes. Journal of Reproduction and Fertility 95:57-67.
  • (21) Voss, R. S., P. D. Heideman, V. L.Mayer, and T. M. Donnelly. 1992. Husbandry, reproduction, and postnatal development of the neotropical murid rodent Zygodontomys brevicauda. Laboratory Animals 26:38-46. 
  • (20) Bronson, F. H., and P. D. Heideman.1992. Lack of reproductive photoresponsiveness and correlative failure to respond to melatonin in a tropical rodent, the cane mouse.  Biologyof Reproduction 46:246-250
  • (19) Heideman, P. D., and K. E. Erickson.1992. A new task for an old tool: Using crochet hooks to remove bats frommist nets.  Bat Research News 33:7.
  • (18) Utzurrum, R. C. B., and P. D. Heideman.1991. Differential injestion of viable vs. nonviable Ficus seeds by fruit bats.  Biotropica 23:311-312.
  • (17) Heideman, P. D., and F. H. Bronson.1991. Characteristics of a genetic polymorphism for reproductive photoresponsiveness in the white-footed mouse (Peromyscus leucopus). Biology of Reproduction 44:1189-1196.
  • (16) Bronson, F. H., P. D. Heideman, and M. C. Kerbeshian. 1991. Lability of fat stores in peripubertal wild house mice. Journal of Comparative Physiology B161:15-18.
  • (15) Heideman, P. D., K. R. Erickson,and J. B. Bowles. 1990. Notes on the breeding biology, gular gland, androost habits of Molossus sinaloae (Chiroptera, Molossidae). Zeitschrift fur Saugetierkunde 55:303-307.  (pdf copy of paper)
  • (14) Heideman, P. D., and F. H Bronson.1990. Photoperiod, melatonin secretion and sexual maturation in a tropical rodent. Biology of Reproduction 43:745-750. 
  • (13) Bowles, J. B., P. D. Heideman, and K. R. Erickson. 1990. Observations on six species of free-tailed bats (Molossidae) from Yucatan, Mexico. Southwestern Naturalist 35:151-157.  (pdf copy of paper)
  • (12) Bronson, F. H., and P. D. Heideman.1990. Short-term hormonal responses to food intake in the peripubertal female rat. American Journal of Physiology  259:R25-R31

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